Hallowed be Your Name

2015 was an incredible year. I am grateful for the dedication of our volunteer leaders: our worship team ushering us into the presence God every Sunday, our Sunday School teachers pouring into the children, those who serve with hospitality at Rundle Group Home and Baker House, and the during day camp. By God’s grace we also welcomed Emad to Canada, supported Teen Challenge, raised money for Nepal, helped raise awareness & sponsored children through the Compassion Canada Concert, buried loved ones, celebrated marriages, and sent ambassadors for Christ to South Africa. Over the last few weeks there is a question that has been stirring within me: in what ways have we lost our reverence for God, His Word and the sacraments? The first line in the Lord’s Prayer, “our Father, hallowed be thy name” (Matt 6:9) couples two important thoughts: first, it speaks of an intimate relationship with God who is father; second is a reverence toward a holy God. The Christian life should be a journey growing in a greater respect and awe for prayer, His Word and His will in our lives. On the contrary we often become lackadaisical in our attitudes and our approach to God. As we begin 2016 together in worship my hope and prayer is that we would have reverent hearts toward God and His church as we seek to glorify Him in 2016. That our lives will increasingly be marked by humility, submission, commitment, dedication, faithfulness and obedience – some of the marks of true reverence toward God. The words of the psalmist resonate within me, “search me and know me, see if there is any offensive way in me” (Ps 139:24), may this be our approach to God in 2016 as we strive to keep the faith, keep real and as always, live our lives for the Kingdom!

-Pastor John

Janice LeeComment