For Such a Time as This

In ancient Greek language, there are two different words for the word “time”. Chronos time refers to the sequential or chronological time, or a specific amount of time such a day or an hour. Kairos time however, refers to the right or opportune moment. In the New Testament, Christian theology refers to this as the “appointed time in the purpose of God”. As we go through our daily schedule, whether at school, at home, or in the workplace, we can easily fall into the trap of doing things out of routine. When I got my first job after graduation, I was so excited. But soon after, the novelty of being in a new office and the new title wore off. I asked myself, “How do these people do the same thing everyday for so many years?” There was very little sense of purpose for me. I began being more intentional with my relationships at work, and started going for walks with my coworkers during our lunch hours. I found out what their dreams and goals were. They inspired me to do something I was (and still am) passionate about. After a year, I resigned and went on a short term missions trip. Shortly after, I worked for a non-profit Christian organization and had the privilege of having a spiritual mentor who trained me in Biblical teaching, evangelism, and discipleship. That year was my kairos moment. As we approach the commissioning service for new our deacons today, let’s keep them in prayer as they are stepping into a kairos time where God has specially called and anointed them as our leaders. Let’s also reflect upon our own journey: When or have you encountered a kairos moment? How did God reveal Himself through that experience? If you are at crossroads in your journey, be encouraged: Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

-Sister in Christ, INSPIRE

Janice LeeComment