All Things New

As a parent, one of the things I find deeply frustrating is when our kids don’t do what I expect. What is even more frustrating is when they don’t do what they are asked to do; and even further when, after multiple requests, that thing is still not put away. And yet, despite the frustration of our kids not doing something I know they are fully capable of and have all the resources to accomplish, I cannot imagine getting rid of them for different children or just getting rid of them all together.

Our hope and prayer for our children is that they would continue to grow and develop to become fully loving, fully caring, responsible adults. We want them to go from being dependant children to community oriented and contributing followers of Jesus. We don’t want new children, we want our children to become new creations. This is what God desires for all of us as well. He wants to take us at whatever stage of growth and maturity we are at, and he wants to transform us to be more like Jesus.

Even more than we love our kids, God loves you and I no matter how much we have missed the mark and calls you and I to become more than we ever imagine possible. As Jesus ministered throughout his life, he proclaimed the kingdom by bringing sight to the blind, health to the sick, compassion to the broken hearted, and hope to the disenfranchised. The salvation he lived and proclaimed was not one of eliminating broken people and replacing them with a better model, rather he restored that which was broken and gave them new life. God’s plan from the very beginning has never been about making new things, rather, he is about making all things new!


-Pastor Tyler


Janice LeeComment