An Eternal Promise

Every year many believers will gather like us at GoodTree, acknowledging His death on the cross on Good Friday, then celebrating the resurrection of Christ on Sunday. Let’s search our hearts today, what does Easter mean to you personally? 

For myself, Easter has both a sorrowful and victorious tune. Many funerals within the past year has naturally led me to wonder more about the purpose of life and my sphere of influence, especially those that don’t know Him. Jesus has overcome both physical and spiritual death. This Easter, I truly know what it means to have hope, to know that one day I will see those loved ones again. A spiritual resurrection is promised for us as believers. That same promise is available to all those who choose to believe in Jesus (John 3:16). Even in the fragility of life, we have the assurance of salvation and hope of eternal life. 

After Jesus’ resurrection, He gave us the Great Commission. May we be courageous and share with others what we know about Him. Jesus’ promise to us is this: “And surely I am with you always” (Matthew 28:19-20). Even in times of uncertainty, trials, and sorrow, we have our Abba Father and our Savior, who loves us and has called us to bring hope to those around us (1 Peter 3:16). May this Easter Sunday challenge us to continue to grow; let’s be ready GoodTree, to be willing to share His work on the cross and in our lives to those around us.

-Sister in Christ, Inspire


Janice LeeComment